The Top 6 Mediterranean Cruise Destinations You Need to See in 2019

Traveling often is good for the mind and soul. So, while you plan your next trip, why not consider these popular Mediterranean destinations to explore?
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Traveling has always been a huge passion of mine because well… I see it like an escape from my usual (and often busy) daily routine. While each traveling experience has usually been different for me, a Mediterranean boat cruise always takes the cake for me and is nothing short of memorable.

If you’re a travel junkie like myself, and haven’t yet experienced an escape into the mediterranean – then that should definitely be on your bucket list of things to do. Here are the 6 places that I think are worth seeing because who doesn’t love some sun and a good view of a little piece of the world, right?

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#1. Mykonos – Greece

Mykonos is a hot spot especially in the summer time because of the beautiful blue beaches, white sand, and clear skies all throughout the day. This is my top pick simply because this island is nothing short of breathtaking. From the blue and white decor (perfect if you’re photogenic) to the friendly people that’ll come across, the island is always buzzing with new things to explore.

I always say that Mykonos is the best destination if you’re looking to relax, take in the beautiful scenery and connect with loved ones. Oh, I definitely can’t forget the delicious authentic Greek salad made with love.

#2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

white boats near the port at daytime

If you’re looking for adventure and fun, then you might want to explore the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. The beautiful clear blue waters and the scorching hot sun makes the city more memorable, and certainly more enjoyable.

You get to explore stone buildings, street walks and popular fountains all while you take in the view of the city. My personal favorite has to be the cool café’s and churches you get to view while you’re out and about.

#3. Sardinia, Italy

islet near cliff in the middle of body of water

My last trip to Sardinia was absolutely unforgettable. I remember getting there in about August, and boy was the sun boiling hot. Luckily, the beach wasn’t too far from us, so my family and I quickly went ahead for a swim.

Not only was I blown away at the beautiful view Sardinia had to offer, but the beaches were clear blue. Food in Sardinia is usually quite affordable if you explore the island and move away from the tourist areas. I remember always stuffing my face with seafood which I don’t regret at all.

#4. Venice, Italy

Venice Grand Canal, Italy

Venice is one word… beautiful! If there’s anything that makes this city stand out would be the romantic and yet touristic feel it gives me. If you had to ask any tourist their experience of Venice, each would come at you with a different take – and that’s what makes this city worth exploring.

Plus, if you want to be cool and really blend in with the Italian culture, you can do your shopping during the early morning and then enjoy a little boat ride later in the day (with some wine, of course). Trust me, each day definitely comes packed with fun things to do.

#5. Barcelona, Spain

clear glass building near sea under grey sky

If you’ve ever been to Barcelona before, then you’d know that it’s almost impossible to ignore the rich culture, Catalan cuisine and music while you explore the city. There are so many beautiful spots to check out like the La Rambla pedestrian street. But, if you’re feeling more beachy, how about Somorrostro?

Another massive plus about Barcelona has to be the eventful nightlife. Whether you’re looking for entertainment or just wanting a stroll in the evening time, the city certainly doesn’t sleep.

#6. Istanbul, Turkey

passenger boat on rippling body of water

Istanbul has always had my heart, especially for its rich culture and amazing architecture. If you’re a foodie, then you’d love the Mediterranean cuisine the city offers. I personally love to try out Turkish food only because it really never disappoints the taste buds.

The most popular tourist activity is a boat ride which gives you a beautiful view of some parts of the city, while you enjoy the fresh air and clear blue waters.


Traveling is a must – to unwind and forget about the realities of everyday life. A Mediterranean cruise is always a good idea especially if you enjoy beach life and a boat ride while you’re out and about. So, if you’re looking to plan your next big cruise, I hope these 6 top destinations have helped you get started in exploring where you’re going to next.

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