8 Tips and Tricks: Getting The Best Price on a Travel Trailer

In search for a travel trailer? Trailers are undoubtedly expensive, and without a good deal, you can find yourself spending thousands of dollars. Here are 8 tips to helping you land the best deal possible during your search.
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Looking to buy the best and most affordable travel trailer? Now, I don’t know about you, but getting the best deal on any purchase I make is important to me. If I can save some money while getting a high quality and durable product, then I say why not. Purchasing a travel trailer should be no different. It’s no secret that trailers are super expensive, and that’s why I know getting a good deal can make all the difference.

But why are travel trailers so pricey? Well, the answer varies for a number of reasons. Firstly, you won’t find it that the average person wants to fork out a large amount of money to purchase a trailer. In fact, not everybody is into the outdoors… which leaves a select number of people like you. That’s why it’s relatively expensive.

Another reason is regarding the time of year most people purchase trailers. I know for certain you wouldn’t use your trailer in the winter time (well, there are exceptions), and that’s why you might pay a lot more for your purchase in the summer.

#1 Budget well in advance

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For majority of people who like control over their finances, budgeting for an expensive product well in advance can make all the difference. It also allows you to consider different factors and options while you plan out which camper or RV is perfect for you. When it comes to a luxury item such as this one, winging it might not work this time. In fact, the worst possible scenario would be you regretting your purchase.

With that, you would have to consider the stress of returning the RV or camper back, or having to put it down for sale. So, budgeting is crucial in this instance, and can save you a lot of run around’s in the future.

#2 Look around for opportunities

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Just like buying a house or car, considering different opportunities can make searching easier. Since trailers are ridiculously expensive, have you thought about searching your local area/ country rather than shipping? When you take shipping costs and other tax bills into consideration, buying your trailer locally can be a better option.

You can also consider the different options that various dealers are putting out. It doesn’t hurt to check out different prices, rather than relying solely on that one dealership. You never know, another dealer might have a much better offer in mind for you. Don’t forget that researching online is your best friend at this point – you only want the best prices… and trust me, with persistence you’ll find it.

#3 Don’t forget second hand trailers

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Have you considered the better deal you would get if you looked at second hand trailers? With the right negotiating tactic and communication, you and the owner might come to the right consensus that’s beneficial for the both of you. For example, saving about $10 000 from the initial market price of a trailer is a huge win in my books.

Plus, since trailers are luxury items, owners often take really good care of them. Unlike a car for example, campers or RV’s come almost looking new in certain cases. And, it doesn’t hurt that you got a good deal with a good quality trailer. Trust me, the more you open yourself up to different options, landing a beneficial deal wouldn’t be too hard.

#4 Don’t purchase on impulse

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While you might be excited about finding the ‘perfect’ trailer that you’ve been looking for , it’s never a good idea to make a decision right away. Why? Because you need to give yourself time to think and weigh the different options you have. I doubt you’d get a house deal, and purchase it straight away, right? That’s because you might think you love the house only to wake up, and change your mind.

That’s the same thing in this case. You don’t want to regret your decision or worse yet, find out there were better deals out there. Dealers are the perfect impulse-triggering people you’ll ever meet. Not only do they get you rattled up about this great purchase, but they convince you to buy it almost immediately. It really does happen to the best of us.

#5 Brands aren’t everything

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Brand loyalty is a huge thing, trust me, I get it. While you’re on the hunt for the right trailer for yourself, you might have a certain brand in mind – that’s totally normal. Brands give you a sense of belonging and ease because it’s well known and or its reputation is amazing.

But, it can be one thing that can reduce your chances of finding the best deal when buying your trailer. For instance, if you find a great deal on a trailer that isn’t necessarily the brand you want, there’s a high chance you won’t go for it, right? So, instead you might search or even settle for an expensive trailer that might put you into debt.

It’s really not worth it, and as long as the quality an durability of the trailer is checked, that’s the most important thing to consider. But, if you’re one of those lucky people who get the perfect deal on a trailer… and the brand of choice as well, then that’s just luck right there.

#6 Buying out of season

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As you probably know by now, getting the best deal on almost anything comes after the season. For example, ever noticed those mind-blowing clothing sales that happen after the winter months? You get a ridiculous discount on your purchase when you wait until the excitement dies down. Or, how about the catchy discounts on gadgets that were 3 times the price when they first came out?

I know you might want to enjoy your newly purchased trailer, but patience is important here. You might find that people sell more trailers during the winter months since they don’t need it as much. That’s the perfect time to negotiate and get the better deal possible.

Dealerships are also more willing to sell trailers when they’ve made their massive sales during the summer. The only downside of that is you might have to wait the whole season before making your highly anticipated purchase.

#7 Customization costs money

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Did I forget to mention that trailers are a huge investment? Although searching for the best deal on a trailer, and eventually purchasing it can be exciting, I can’t say the same about the aftermath of it all. There’s so much to change inside the trailer, especially if you have a list of some things you’d like customized.

If you have the money to add features in the trailer straight away, then perfect. But, if you’re on a budget, it’s okay to customize one thing at a time. These changes can add up overtime, and it can cost a fortune to completely re-vamp the space.

Also, the deal offer of the trailer can be a little deceiving. The eventual price would actually be way more than the price advertised. For example, some dealerships might charge a processing fee (and a host of other things) for the trailer. These seemingly small things will have to come out of your pocket. That’s why it’s important to read and ask about the fine print before being legally bound.

#8 Make friends with your dealer

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Being friendly, and creating a co-operative environment between you and your dealer can be a benefit on your end. That can increase the chances that your dealer wants to favor you by giving you the best deal possible. I’m sure you’ve noticed that whenever you get into it with a salesperson, they’re less likely to disclose the juicy details. Why? Because you haven’t established a good enough working friendship.

But, when you’re friendly and work closely with your dealer, he would be more than willing to sell you in on the best offer. It’s even possible that he works extra hard to make sure that you find what you’re looking for, which makes everything a mutual benefit.


With these tips and tricks, I know finding the best deal on your travel trailer would be a lot easier. Just remember, the more you research and open yourself up to different options, the more likely you’ll land on a better deal. We all want to save money considering the price tag on a trailer, and that’s why these tips are a great starting place.

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