Guide To Carry-On Luggage Size: Best For All Airlines

This is a guide on measuring your carry-on size, dimension and weight for when you check-in which puts most airlines' criteria in mind
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Packing for a trip can be a little stressful, especially if you’re not sure on whether your carry-on luggage is over-packed or not. What’s even worse is having to remove some items from your carry-on because it’s over the limit. I’m sure you can relate to that, right? It’s such a terrible experience considering you might be in a rush to reach your gate on time.

I remember while traveling, I unfortunately over-packed my carry-on by 2 kg’s more than the limit. Another stressful thing was that I needed to get to my gate as soon as possible or else I would miss my flight. So, like you guessed it, my trip wasn’t the most pleasant, and it could’ve been easily avoided.

Depending on the airline you choose, your carry-on can’t exceed the company’s limit to avoid paying more or having to throw away some items. You’re allowed one carry-on bag and a small handbag that can be stored under the seat in front of you. Some things to remember is that your carry-on size limit can differ not only based on the airline you choose, but your flight status (economy, business or first class) and whether you’re flying domestically or internationally.

Measuring your carry-on size

Making sure that you can measure your carry-on well before you travel can save you a lot of stress and often times, embarrassment. Depending on the airline you choose, you might have to check how they measure carry-on’s and what their limit is. The recommended dimensions of most carry-on bags is  9x 14x 22 inches which includes the wheels and handles as well.

While you check in, the attendant will measure your bag based on its weight, height and width. This is done for several reasons such as whether it can be safely stowed in the cabin and if it’s over-weight. That’s why it’s a good idea to only purchase TSA approved carry-on bags because they keep dimensions in mind.

The same relates to the weight of your carry-on luggage as well. If it exceeds a certain weight limit, you may be eligible to additional costs or stress which can be easily avoided.

Cabin carry-on guide

Here is the weight, dimension and allowance of various airlines when it comes to your carry-on, and  personal item you’re allowed to take with you. These airlines are a combination of domestic and international flights.

 Air AsiaeasyJetEmiratesNorwegianDeltaQatar AirlinesEtihad AirlinesFlybeVirgin AtlanticVuelingKLM Royal Dutch AirlinesRyanairTurkish AirlinesAirFrance British Airways Lufthansa
Personal Bag 1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on1 carry-on1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on and personal bag 1 carry-on and personal bag 1 carry-on 1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on and personal bag1 carry-on
Weight7 KGNo restriction 7 KG 10 KGNo restriction7 KG7 KG carry-on and 5 KG personal bag10 KG10 KG10 KG 10 KG 10 KG8 KG12-18 KG 23 KG 8 KG

The best carry-on luggage for you

>>Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner<<

Samsonite has been around for some time now, and I personally love this carry-on because it fits with any airline compartment and also follows the size and weight restrictions. It comes in 8 different colors and has a micro-diamond exterior perfect for maintenance. Some other great features include multi-directional wheels which is convenient for mobility and retractable handles to suit your height.

If you’re someone who would value an expandable carry-on, then you might just love this one. It’s ability to create space is genius for those days you’d like to include more items. Just remember to remain within the weight limit of your airline.

Product Dimensions

19 x 14.5 x 9.8 inches


6.35 pounds


10 years


Knowing your airline’s restrictions is so important to avoid any unpleasant charges while you check in. Checking beforehand the carry-on luggage’s weight, dimension and size is important, and luckily most carry-on’s on the market today are cabin-friendly. But, because each airline is different based on the type of flight as well as the weight, this guide shown to you can be helpful in creating a comfortable and memorable trip.

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