Skyway Mirage Superlight Luggage – Quality Suitcase On A Budget

This is a review of the Skyway mirage superlight luggage. We focused on quality, durability and its features for your traveling needs.
skyway mirage superlight luggage

Traveling can be a memorable experience, especially when you have the right suitcase with you. Airports are huge and keeping movement and comfort in mind are important when considering which suitcase to get. In the past, I always went for bulky suitcases that seemed more like a job when I took them with me to my trips. Having to lift them and even easily maneuver around seemed tasking and honestly, I would get quite exhausted.

That’s why choosing the right suitcase is as important as choosing comfort while you travel. It can allow you to have enough space to pack items, easy movement when you’re on the go and ensure you enjoy the durability of the luggage on all the trips you take.

To make choosing easy for you, I took some hours aside to review the Skyway mirage superlight luggage to allow you decide whether the quality and features are worth your spending.

Skyway Luggage have been in the game for a while

While you may wonder what sets Skyway apart, let’s consider when it first started. They’re an American company founded in 1910, making them experts at making travel essentials such as bags and luggage’s. If it’s not obvious already, they’re a pretty popular brand that ensures their products are of top quality and durability.

The good news for you is that you wouldn’t have to worry about investing into a luggage that can easily break tomorrow. With the company’s reputation, it can put you at ease knowing that each luggage is made to suit your needs and comfort while you travel. I know the feeling of buying a suitcase only for it to break after one trip. It’s frustrating and a waste of money. That’s why I now only invest in suitcases that I know are reputable and have been there for years.

If you’re worried about style, that should be the least of your concerns because the brand does take into account both your personal style and quality of the luggage you choose. So, while you’re out there being adventurous and making memories, you get there with as little hassle as possible.

 Skyway Mirage Superlight Luggage
Star Rating 4.2
ManufacturerSkyway Luggage
Product Dimensions19 x 11 x 30.5 inches
ColorMaritime blue, Black and Red
Warranty 5 years

Main Features of the luggage


As the name “superlight” suggests, this luggage is lightweight and easy to move around with. This is a huge shift from the traditional bulky luggage bags that were quite uncomfortable to travel with. This particular luggage is made from polyester which makes expanding and maneuvering it a breeze. I love that you don’t have to worry much about wear and tear because the material the luggage is made from is durable and can sustain for a long time

Multi-directional Spinner wheels

The spinner wheel system on this luggage is exceptional considering how easy it makes moving, running and fast walking easier for you. It comes with 4 wheels for quick mobility while on the go and can move in various directions you turn to. I can’t forget to mention that the wheels can turn 360 degrees while you’re mobile.


For those days you’d like to pack more items than usual, this luggage can expand up to 2.5 inches its normal size. This is fantastic to give you options when it comes to creating space for more items to pack. I know there are some rigid luggage’s out there that can’t expand, and so you’re restricted to how much you can actually pack. I think this is a convenient feature for any frequent traveler.

Extended handle

The handles on the suitcase does have the ability to extend up to 13″. Depending on your height, I see why you can’t adjust it to your comfort and needs while you move around. If for instance you need to make a quick turn, you don’t have to manually change the handle, you can easily push the levers to suit your height.

Side carry handle 

This luggage comes with a side carry handle that can assist you when you need to lift it for weighing at the airport or if you need to put in the backseat of the car. This small but helpful feature screams convenience, and can reduce days where you have to struggle to lift a heavily packed luggage off the carousal.

Mesh pockets included

In the interior of the luggage, you have mesh pockets that you might find useful to use for smaller items. If you need to pack belts, underwear, shavers and more, you can easily use the full length mesh pocket to do so. This reduces any stress of having to look for small items that may have mixed together with other clothing. It also helps with organizing your items in such a way that you know exactly where what is – it also looks way neater.

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  • Is lightweight
  • Multi-directional spinning wheels
  • Affordable
  • Full length interior mesh pockets
  • Side handles for assistance while lifting
  • Comes in 3 colors to choose from
  • Durable 100% polyester material


With the polyester exterior, it’s easy for dust and dirt to trap to the luggage. You might have to wipe or dry clean more often than if the luggage was made from plastic.

What customers are saying

With a 4.2 review on Amazon, customers are impressed with the quality and features of the luggage. Most customers happily reviewed how it has been one of the best luggage’s they have ever bought because because of how well it has lasted.

Features such as the side handle and spinning wheels has made traveling that much easier and mobility comfortable. One person mentioned how she was able to pack clothes in the luggage and still have some more space left over for her new items.


This luggage is perfect for anyone who travels often, and is looking for that go-to suitcase. It’s both high quality and convenient so you won’t have to worry about discomfort or worse yet, it breaking apart during your trip. Features such as the side handle has been designed with your mobility and comfort in mind. Each feature on the luggage is also made to make traveling more convenient for frequent use.

The luggage comes in 3 different colors and carefully designed to create space for packing and organizing your items. The 4 wheels are able to turn 360 degrees to assist you in times that you need to hurry on. This suitcase definitely makes traveling easier and more enjoyable.

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