The 6 Best Travel Blankets: Warm, Portable and Convenient

Airline blankets aren't the best, especially when you consider how not so warm and convenient they are sometimes. These 6 different travel blankets are perfect in keeping you warm and comfortable while you're traveling.
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I’m sure you’ve noticed this, but airline blankets just don’t cut it, especially with the cold air conditioner switched on during the flight. Every now and again, I always wish I had carried my own travel blanket because the one provided isn’t as warm at all. But, it’s always a hesitation for me to bring along a blanket only because of the restrictions.

Traditional blankets are often either too small, big or just thick for traveling. So, I know I can’t be the only one who’d rather settle for the airline blanket.

Luckily, these top 6 travel blankets are super convenient and helps keep you warm while you’re on the go. Comfort is so important for me whenever I travel (as is for you too, I’m sure) and that’s why this list has that in mind.

But, before getting started, here’s a checklist I had with me while researching for some hours. I don’t know about you, but having my money’s worth always gives me satisfaction.

  • The quality of the blanket

Most airline blankets are designed from different materials that can cause itching and irritation, especially when you have sensitive skin. I remember I had the toughest time with a blanket given to me on a specific airline. It caused so much discomfort on my skin, and worse enough, the air conditioner was on full show during the international flight.

  • The size and weight

This checklist is so important because… well, traveling comes with a lot of restrictions. The travel blankets listed are definitely lightweight, and the size and weight are perfect for traveling.

  • Material and storing

While comfort is crucial while traveling, I think been able to easily store the blanket is just as important. Since traveling can be quite stressful, the last thing you need is to be struggling to easily pack up your blanket.

The same goes for the material the blanket is made from. Certain materials are more comfortable than others, and I surely kept that in mind.

Other things I made sure to look out for include;

  • The price and;
  • Durability
 Forestfish Soft Travel BlanketCabeau Fold ‘n Go Travel and Throw BlanketKingole Fuzzy Travel BlanketLewis N Clark Microplush Travel Blanket Tucker 4-in-1 Travel Blanket and Pillow World's Best Soft Micro-fleece Travel Blanket
Brand ForestfishCabeau KingoleLewis N Clark Tucker World's Best
Weight0.68 pounds 1.05 pounds1.7 pounds 0.89 pounds 1.02 pounds 1 pound
Material100% polyester French Microfiber 100% microfiber polyester 100% polyester 100% cotton flannel100% polyester fleece
Color Floral CharcoalCharcoal gray, dolphin gray, white, light blue, red, lavender, teal, brown, caramel, olive, rose red and timid pink RedSlate grey Black, blue, charcoal, leopard, navy, pink and zebra

#1 Forestfish Soft Travel Blanket – Convenient for any traveling occasion

If you’re looking for a convenient blanket perfect for a bus or train rides and long airplane journey’s, then you might want to consider the Forestfish cozy and portable travel blanket. The blanket is made from 100% polyester and is waterproof as well… I love this feature because it makes for a more comfortable traveling experience when mistakes do happen.

Another plus is you can easily wash it in the washing machine, and doesn’t easily fade as most blankets can after some time.


  • Convienient for different traveling experiences
  • Portable to easily travel and store with a drawstring bag
  • Made from 100% polyester which reduces any itching or skin irritation
  • Comes in a beautiful design which is unique and easy to identify
  • Lightweight and warm


  • The only weakness I could find with this blanket is that it doesn’t reach up until your knees if that’s important for you.

#2 Cabeau Fold ‘n Go Travel and Throw Blanket – Highly versatile

travel blanket

I absolutely love this charcoal colored travel blank because it’s versatile for while you’re on the go. It’s made from French microfiber which is a very warm and comfy material. The blanket also comes with a lumbar pillow for your neck area. Another great plus about this blanket is that it’s long enough to cover up until your toes.

Speaking of versatile, this fold ‘n go blanket can be easily packed into its travel case (which has a handle) and attached to your travel luggage. If you’d like to wash the blanket in between trips, you can easily throw it into the washing machine.


  • Comes with a lumbar pillow which is value for your money
  • Can easily be folded into its travel case which has a handle for easy lifting
  • Made from France microfiber which is a high quality material
  • Highly affordable for the blanket and pillow
  • Is washing-machine friendly


  • The blanket doesn’t seem to be able to cover the whole body. The design is made to be able to reach up until the toes, but the width is a little too small.

#3 Kingole Fuzzy Travel Blanket – Quality material

This highly rated travel blanket is made from high quality 100% microfiber polyester which keeps you warm and comfortable while you’re traveling. If quality is important to you, this blanket is carefully designed to ensure you get the best out of it. It doesn’t shed, fade or shrink after a wash.

It’s lightweight which makes it a great travel companion, and warm enough for both spring and winter. It comes in an array of 10 color options to choose from.


  • Made from 100% microfiber polyester
  • Very soft to the skin
  • You get 10 colors to choose from
  • Doesn’t fade, shed or shrink in the washing machine
  • Lightweight for easy storing and use
  • Wide enough to cover the whole body


  • The blanket’s price is a little pricy, but considering the quality of it, I think it’s worth it.

#4 Lewis N Clark Microplush Travel Blanket – Easy storage

Looking for an affordable and brightly designed travel blanket? This Lewis N Clark blanket is made from 100% polyester and comes with a carry strap perfect for carrying it while you’re on the go.

What I love about this blanket is that it’s lightweight for traveling. With its straps, you can easily fold the blanket and continue on with your trip.


  • Made from 100% polyester which is less likely to itch the skin
  • Comes with carry straps for easy movement. The straps can also be attached to your luggage
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a brightly colored red which makes a statement


  • Doesn’t have more color options in case you don’t love the bright red
  • Another con is that rolling the blanket back into its straps can be an inconvenience, especially if you’re in a hurry.

#5 Tucker 4-in-1 Travel Blanket and Pillow – Style and convenience

This impressive 4-in-1 blanket and pillow is perfect if you’re looking for a lightweight and convenient way of staying warm. The blanket is designed to morph into your body shape, and give you the warmth you need. It has a pouch tuck-in feature which allows you to fold your hands in it to stay warm throughout your travel. A great bonus is that the tuck-in feature can also be used as an armrest, and the deep hood ensures you get privacy.

The blanket also has front pockets to store items such as your phone, and a detachable neck pillow as well. Depending on your height and weight, you can choose between the small or large size.


  • Versatile pillow and blanket with amazing features such as the arm pouch
  • Can easily be folded and stored into your bag while you travel
  • Comes with a detachable pillow to support your neck
  • Deep hood for privacy when you travel
  • Two different sizes (small and large) depending on your height and weight


  • It would be great if this 4-in-1 blanket and pillow came in several other colors either than the slate grey.

#6 World’s Best Soft Micro-fleece Travel Blanket – Affordable

This micro-fleece blanket is super affordable and comes in different colors to choose from. It’s made from 100% polyester fleece, and works well when washed in the washing machine. If you’re worried about how much space it’d take, it’s lightweight, so it leaves enough room for you to pack other essentials. Unlike other thicker blankets, this one ensures it’s portable.


  • Easy to pack due to its lightweight
  • Affordable price for a travel blanket
  • Can be washed in the washing machine and doesn’t lose its color


  • The blanket isn’t as thick as it can be to ensure you’re as warm as possible. Compared to other blankets, the thickness of this one isn’t as impressive.


The Forestfish travel blanket seems to be the best in terms of convenience and ease while you travel. It also has a unique floral print that makes it an eye-catcher while you’re traveling… nothing wrong with making a statement, right?

I also love the Cabeau fold ‘n go pillow and blanket because of its versatility and convenience while on the go as well. It’s such a great price considering you get both a high quality pillow and blanket to keep your warm. The best feature has to be the travel case you can use to store your blanket in – it can also attach to your luggage which is perfect.

I hope this list has made it easier for you to decide which travel blanket will be keeping you warm and comfortable on your next trip.

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